ICRA 2023 ViTac Workshop: Blending Virtual and Real Visuo-Tactile Perception

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ICRA 2023 London

This is the official website for “ViTac 2023: Blending Virtual and Real Visuo-Tactile Perception”.

Abstract: This is the 4th time for us to organise the ViTac workshop in the ICRA conferences, after ICRA 2019, 2020 and 2021 ViTac Workshops, and will be the first time for us to have a hybrid ViTac workshop. The past years have witnessed the fast development of simulation models of optical tactile sensors, Sim2Real and Sim2Real2Sim learning for visuo-tactile perception. It will be timely to bring together the experts and young researchers in the field to discuss how to blend virtual and real visuo-tactile perception. This proposed full-day workshop will cover the recent advancements in the area of visuo-tactile sensing and perception, with the aim to bridge the gap between the simulations and real world for optical tactile sensing and robot perception with vision and tactile sensing. It will further enhance active collaboration and address challenges for this important topic and applications.

Location: ExCeL London (room tbd)
Time: Friday 2nd June 2023

The workshop will be hybrid, please follow our customised ICRA ViTac Workshop YouTube channel, a legacy of ICRA 2020 and 2021 ViTac workshops, for recordings of the ViTac workshops.

Shan Luo, King’s College London
Nathan Lepora, University of Bristol
Wenzhen Yuan, Carnegie Mellon University
Kaspar Althoefer, Queen Mary University of London
Gordon Cheng, Technische Universität München

Invited speakers:
Ted Adelson, MIT
Dieter Fox, Nvidia / University of Washington
Ravinder Dahiya, Northeastern University
Roberto Calandra, Meta
Michael Yu Wang, Monash University
Katherine Kuchenbecker, Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems
Lucia Beccai, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia
Rich Walker, Shadow Robot Company

Key dates
Posters and live demonstrations will be selected from a call for extended abstracts, reviewed by the organisers. The best posters will be invited to talk at the workshop. All submissions will be reviewed using a single-blind review process. Accepted contributions will be presented during the workshop as posters. Submissions must be sent in pdf, following the IEEE conference style (two-columns), to: shan.luo@kcl.ac.uk, indicating [ICRA 2023 Workshop] in the email subject.
● Submission Deadline: 15th March, 2023
● Notification of acceptance: 30th March, 2023
● Camera-ready deadline: 15th April, 2023
● Workshop day: 2nd June 2023

Topics of Interest:
● Development of tactile sensors for robot tasks
● Simulation of tactile sensors
● Sim2Real and Sim2Real2Sim learning for visual-tactile sensing and perception
● The control and design of robotic visuo-tactile systems for human-robot interaction
● Interactive visuo-tactile perception in robot grasping and manipulation
● Cognitive control of movement and sensory-motor representations with vision and touch
● Bio-inspired approaches and cognitive architectures for the visuo-tactile perception
● Computational methods for processing vision and touch data in robot learning

We thank the support from the following IEEE RAS Technical Committees: