ICRA 2024 Workshop on “Robot Embodiment through Visuo-Tactile Perception”

This is the official website for “ViTac 2024: Robot Embodiment through Visuo-Tactile Perception”.

Abstract: This is the 5th time for us to organise the ViTac workshop in the ICRA conferences, after ICRA 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2023 ViTac Workshops. It will also be timely for us to report the progress of the Special Issue (now called Special Collection) we are organising on Tactile Robotics at the IEEE Transactions on Robotics. The recent trend in embodied intelligence, i.e., intelligence that requires and leverages a physical body of a robot, demands rich physical interactions with the surrounding environment, which cannot be achieved without perception of the environment with vision and tactile sensing. Recent years have seen rapid advancements in tactile sensor development, integration of information from visual and tactile modalities, leveraging vision and tactile sensing in agile grasping and manipulation, and simulations that involve both vision and tactile sensing. It will be timely to bring together the experts and young researchers in the field to discuss these important topics in robotics. This proposed full-day workshop will cover the recent advancements in the area of visuo-tactile sensing and perception, with the aim to empower robots with visual and tactile intelligence. It will further enhance active collaboration and address challenges for this important topic and applications.

For past ViTac workshops, please check ViTac2023.